Memory Coaching System

Are you, your parents, or someone you care about in need of additional help to take care of daily concerns?

What we do – An example of our services:

Your Mom is diagnosed with the first stages of dementia and you want to keep her at home as long as possible.  You have siblings that may be able to help, but all of you work and/or have families and do not have the time to figure out a plan that will benefit everyone.  This is where we can help…

One of our representatives will meet with you to assess your situation.  We learn and listen to what is going on with your family.  Below are just some of the ways we can assist you:

  1. Develop a schedule that will split time between family members (such as bringing dinner) after learning schedules of family members.
  2. Organize other tasks such as doctor visits or outings.
  3. Arrange one location in your home as the safe place for your loved one to go to for anything they may need when you are not there.  This is where they use the system and items we will have set up for them that will help them know the day, time, phone numbers, and other important information as well as have access to anything they may need.
  4. Provide an assortment of puzzles and activity pages plus a journal with today’s date that they can write in first thing or throughout the day.
  5. Provide one on one time to work on puzzles or other tasks such as coaching and encouraging them to write about their day etc.
  6. Provide individual or group coaching for family/friends going through this journey with their loved one.

We are here for you and your loved one.  We can help you organize and design a plan in one visit or you can request us on a regular schedule to spend time with your loved one.  Share with us what you need, and we will do all we can to make this situation one that all family members can feel at ease with as much as possible.

Call or email to schedule a free phone consultation before we meet so we can prepare the best plan for you.

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